Ao no Exorcist: Kyoto Fujouou-hen (Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Impure King Arc) Episode 12 Review [Series Finale]


All’s well that ends well. 

The twelfth and final episode of Ao no Exorcist: Kyoto Fujouou-hen (Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Impure King Arc)  shows the aftermath of the battle, we see that True Cross has begun flying in rescue helicopters. Bon’s father makes it home on a stretcher and is greeted by his pissed off wife, while Mamushi wakes from her slumber and is greeted by Juzo. He gives her the good news that they all came back alive and defeated the Impure King, which brings her to tears of joy, and he then hugs her in a way that sets shipping flags flying high.

Rin, meanwhile, wakes to find himself sleeping next to Kuro and Shiemi at the inn. The moment he lays his eyes on Shiemi’s sleeping face, he finds himself smitten and blushing. His pulse continues to race as she moves in close, happy to be of help to him after everything, and right when it seems like he’s going to get the love confession, she friend-zones him to Shima’s humor and his dismay.

On the serious side of things, Mephisto lies by saying other matters kept him away when he was watching the fight the whole time instead of helping, but Shura pegs that he had something planned for Rin and held off. She draws a weapon out of… somewhere after she mounts him and threatens him, only for him to threaten her right back and tell her to cherish her life given how old she is. For those who read the manga this has a double-meaning, but either way she takes the cue and leaves him be.

On her way out she reassures Yukio that Rin probably won’t be killed. With that cloud over his head gone, Yukio ends up nodding off in the living room and ends up meeting his brother, who tells him to take better care of himself and to stop worrying all the time. Then we skip to the morning.

Bon meets with his father, who has no intention of leading the Myoda anymore and plans to stay at the inn to help his wife. But they reconnect somewhat as Juzo and Mamushi basically get engaged. Rin and the others then spend the day going around Kyoto, having a chance to relax before Yukio and Rin have another serious talk.

Rin has come to accept that he is Satan’s son, fully intending to use that power to become a great exorcist, but Yukio regrets that he allowed things to escalate to that point and still feels he needs to keep it in check because he promised their father. Rin tells him that’s okay, and that he doesn’t have to change how he views things, so long as they have each other’s backs. The series closes with Yukio thinking that his place is alongside the others as the episode ends.

Until we meet again.

So, with this episode, the Impure King Arc has come to a close. It was a fairly good adaption of the manga, and I’m happy that I got it because it was this arc that really developed the series and put it down the road it currently travels. There hasn’t been a sequel announcement, however, if they do get around to making one I hope that it follows the Inari arc since that further develops Best Girl Izumo.

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