Samurai Jack (2017) – Episode 2 Review

Samurai Jack S5_E2

It’s never a good sign when you talk to yourself.
Much less when you have to argue against seppuku.

The second episode is out and we get some humor as we see how Aku starts his day, stretching, collecting tributes, and then booting them out for making a mess before his scientists show him a new robot that will be destroyed by the episode’s end, I’m sure.

Aku claims he doesn’t actually care about Jack anymore, but his self-therapy sheds a different light. Since he got rid of all the portals to the past, he expected Jack to just die from old age. But now Jack is ageless and a constant thorn in his side that he’s hoping someone else can deal with.

We then cut to a white  wolf picking a fight with a bunch of forest crocodiles while Jack runs into that robot I mentioned earlier. It doesn’t even last a minute before it gets blown to pieces, but the destruction does lead to the Daughters of Aku appearing to ambush him and get in some good shots as we see a similar fight going on between the white wolf and Jack, This symbolism is important folks.

Then, while Jack is hiding out, he has another mental breakdown as he talks to himself about his doubts without the sword. He tries to reason with himself, literally, to avoid committing suicide before he runs off and catches a glimpse of the daughters chasing after him as he makes his way to shelter. They make the split up there and search for him, but he manages to elude them right up until he breaks cover and starts to get overwhelmed.

Then he finds what looks to be a massive tomb and a bewitching tone plays in the background as they search for him. We see that Jack has been reduced to cowering in a grave, desperate not to be found while clutching a weapon, until he escapes at the very last minute and… well, he kills  one of the daughters who managed to stab him and uses the sword stolen from the last assassin to bring down the temple.

The last part of the episode then cuts back to that image of the white wolf, that managed to kill all the creatures attacking it but died from its injuries. I hope that’s not foreshadowing. I really do.

But wow. I knew this was going to be dark, but they straight-up had Jack having to fight against the urge to commit suicide. Losing the sword and being ageless has essentially given him some serious problems, and even Aku is suffering from depression to an extent because to him Jack is a problem that  just won’t go away.

And this is the first time we’ve seen Jack legitimately kill a human being, which is tragic in itself because we know how they’ve been raised and it’s clear from his expression he really was expecting them to be robots so he can’t use that excuse the next time his self-doubt starts telling him to kill himself.

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