Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans (Season 2) Episode 23 Review

I’m showing this now because I wanted to get the funniest part of the episode out of the way before I get to the part that made me angry.

Okay, Episode 48  (or Episode 23 of Season 2) of Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans has aired and Rustal has their base surrounded, stopping Zack and the others who wanted to leave as he makes his way to Mars. He even goes so far as to claim that they have refused to surrender when we know that’s a load of bull, and plan to move at Noon. McGillis tries to convince Mika that if they wipe them all out then it’ll be fine, but as usual Mika will only move if Orga tells him to and he gets this look that bodes ill in my eyes.

Orga plans to flee, wiping out the base to make it look like they died while the run to Chryse through underground tunnels. McGillis is naturally unhappy about this change from victory to survival, but for Orga it’s a return to basics before his ambitions got the best of him. But the tunnels are beat up and will require buying time for them to clear and get in contact with Makanai, so McGillis decides he’ll use his suit to do so by penetrating the enemy lines.

Atra, who should be one of the first people to flee with Kudelia, doesn’t want to leave them behind. But Kudelia convinces her to come so she can protect the baby and keep their promise. Merribit instead stays behind to finish up her work and McGillis has another talk with Mikazuki, attempting to poach him, before Orga pops up to have a final talk instead and Mika loans him his gun, with the condition that he return it.

McGillis makes his move and Iok goes for him, readying to throw his life away for the sake of justifying Rustal’s ambition. Unfortunately, McGillis misses a fatal shot and then goes all in while thinking on how he can’t move in a group like Tekkadan can before saying farewell. We then learn it was Nobliss manipulating the media as he did in Season 1, only that time he was doing it for Kudelia’s sake and not against her after the assassination attempt failed.

They get into contact with Makanai and he states they need to get to Earth to finalize everything, also revealing that Takaki works for him as his assistant thanks to Orga. And to help them get to earth, Azee has prepared a ship to smuggle them out after taking over the Turbines routes. So everything seems like it will work out for Tekkadan.

Atra stays with Kudelia, who Orga thanks for everything she’s done. They wouldn’t have been Tekkadan without her after all, so both of them get along famously. And the group readies to return to the base when a drive-by occurs and Orga gets shot several times and dies as the episode ends, telling them to keep moving forward as Mikazuki senses his death.

But Iok survived this episode? Really?

…Really Sunrise? Really? You’re going to kill him off two episodes before the end? I’m pretty sure Nobliss ordered that hit (remember Season 1), but damn. You give Iok enough plot-armor to survive everything else but decide to kill Orga in a drive-by instead of Ride or Chad?

Let me quit now before I blow up all over this review. Overall, I liked the episode right up until the end.

3 thoughts on “Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans (Season 2) Episode 23 Review

  1. I feel like Mcgillis set up that hit on Orga as a way of taking Mikazuki from Tekkadan in addition to his business with them going so wrong by Tekkadan having lost the last battle, Orga being more concerned about Tekkadan’s well being than fighting makes them less than spectacular assets to Mcgillis. So unless Fareed can pull a magical rabbit out of his hat next episode, I’ll continue to believe that when he left “to handle personal business”, it was actually just to set up the hit on Orga.

    To be fair, I’ve been expecting Orga’s death the entire series. I just didn’t expect him to die the same way Lafter did.

    Everyone hates Kujan, I feel weird cause I don’t hate him nearly as much. I hate that he’s incompetent.


    • The only reason I don’t think it was McGillis is because of the timing really. If he was assassinated before McGillis tried to fight through the defensive line, I would have understood. But Nobliss popping up this episode just set off some flags.

      As for Kujan, his incompetent should have gotten him killed by now. I just want him dead because he’s directly linked to several kills and causing this mess in the first place when he framed Naze while refusing surrender.


      • If he was assassinated before McGillis broke through the defensive line, he’d probably be suspect #1 or #2(Gjallerhorn in general being the other suspect) and there’d probably no way he’d get out of that alive. Especially if Mikazuki believed that he was guilty. But if Nobliss did do it, he’d be crossing Rustal Elion who wanted to publically execute (or televise)Tekkadan, robbing Elion of the chance to get rid of Orga either himself or though the Gjallerhorn army doesn’t seem like a wise thing to do.

        I agree, Kujan’s incompetence should have gotten him killed. Unfortunately the creators of IBO has failed to make me care about Naze and the Turbines so I’m apathetic towards Kujan’s crime against them. I’m more surprised that Elion has chosen to keep someone so incompetent as him, of course he does so because of the loyal followers Kujan possess.


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