Ao no Exorcist: Kyoto Fujouou-hen (Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Impure King Arc) Episode 11 Review


Accepting one’s self. 

The eleventh episode of Ao no Exorcist: Kyoto Fujouou-hen (Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Impure King Arc)  has Rin managing to draw his sword and do some damage to the Impure King, but it isn’t enough to put it down. Instead, it layers its attack on thicker and nearly overwhelms Bon until Shura shows up and frees him, leaving Rin with the duty of taking out the Impure King. So he goes off to deal with it but finds himself struggling because the Impure King is so big, and the situation gets worse because Bon passes out and the barrier comes down.

Thankfully the rain will keep it from spreading for the moment, but this makes things much harder for them in the long run. Not helping is Mephisto lounging around while quoting Nietzsche on gazing into the abyss while Yukio gets mind-screwed by Todo. Since they literally cannot kill Todo at this point, Yukio settles for shooting him as many times as he can and they flee.

As for Rin, the Agni that the Myoda called forth, Ucchusma, basically decides that since these humans are worthless and goes to Rin to get the job done. He hates the Impure King that much and wants every trace of him gone from the material world, he basically teaches him how to really use his flames in a technique that would burn the entire mountain clean. And yes, he is fully aware there are civilians in the mountain, but since the Impure King will regenerate from the smallest particle, he’s gonna torch all of them using Rin’s flames. So Rin has to try and make it so that his flames don’t hurt anyone else while also keeping his output at max power.

And while he’s doing that, we cut to Shiemi and Izumo. Shiemi has about reached her limit and can no longer maintain the summoning with her Green Man, forcing her to try and climb up and pull Izumo out. The Tsun-part of Izumo comes out in full as she tries to drive her off by insulting her, but Shiemi weathers it and pulls her out. They land in an awkward position, not made any less so from the dialogue.

Did I mention this is also a relatively popular pairing?

Back to the important stuff, Rin briefly loses out to his demon half before the memory of Shiemi makes him calm down and he controls the flames so that they don’t hurt anyone. Mind you, a couple of the Myoda people have PTSD at the memory of Blue Night, but it does the job and helps clear the way for the others to reach him. Mephisto laughs his ass off at the birth of the Blue Exorcist, title dropping the show, and Ucchusma tells him that one day he’ll have to decide between being human and demon.

So the day is saved, everyone important is alive, but Yukio takes it poorly that he went all in and gives him a punch because he thinks Rin is still underestimating the situation he’s in. Rin states that he understands fully now and even though he’s the spawn of Satan, he accepts that and will use that power to kick his teeth in. So all he wants is for Yukio to accept that as well before he passes out and the episode ends with a memory of his father telling him to work out what he wants to do.

So this episode is largely the climax of the arc. The big bad is sent packing… well, no. The real big bad, Todo, gets away because they can’t put him down for good, but the Impure King is at least sent back to where it came from before it could cause further harm. Rin also accepted what he is, in contrast to Yukio who is pretty torn between an anti-demon stance because of Todo.

Next episode is the conclusion, marking a close to another fine show, and it both saddens me and leaves me anticipating it with baited breath.

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