Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans (Season 2) Episode 22 Review

This is the one show where I’d support a pairing like this. The one show!

Okay, Episode 47  (or Episode 22 of Season 2) of Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans has aired and the episode starts with McGillis being even more screwed after being stripped of his position since the Seven Stars has chosen to back Rustal and his adopted father outed that he wasn’t born into the Seven Stars family. The commander of the Mars Branch doesn’t side with him, but doesn’t rat him out since he feels indebted to him. And, if by some miracle he gets out of this alive, he wants to be in his good graces.

Tekkadan is in a bad state as well. Their mobile suits are in tatters and they used up all their spare parts. Orga tries to regain some measure of control over the situation since their position isn’t equal anymore with McGillis, but then Rustal bends them over by labeling them as criminals and costing them their reputation, their clients, and their support.

The only one who stays by their side is Kudelia, who returns to the farm and shows that she kept her promise to take care of his plants. That asshole who tried to have her killed in the first season cut off his funding to her company because she has ties with them and refuses to break them—even if it means throwing away her ideals. Orga feels she should cut ties with them to save herself and then goes to announce that he’s allowing anyone who wants to leave Tekkadan to do so since he couldn’t keep his promise.

Zack bails because they’re screwed and he knows it, but the rest decide to stay because they don’t have anywhere to go. We also learn that Dane, the mechanic who normally stays quiet, actually has a criminal past where he killed a lot of people. He doesn’t fault Zack for leaving, and even Zack hates himself for leaving since everyone there is cool.

Orga calls up McMurdo and has him connect to Rustal as Kudelia learns that Mikazuki and Atra did indeed have sex and the latter is now pregnant. Mikazuki wants her to look after their child if something happens to him, and while it leads into some light-hearted comedy and a touching moment, it’s contrasted by the fact that Rustal has refused Orga’s offer of surrender. He needs a scapegoat to get Gjallarhorn back on top and intends to kill them all, so he tells them to make peace with it.

Eugene and Akihiro come in to chide him over even trying to do that when they’re a family and has him consult the other veteran members over the situation. Kudelia comes up with the idea that they get new identities so they could live on Earth with Makanai’s help. And they’ve even managed to get some of their funds back as well thanks to their accountant and Merribit.

However, that spot of hope is crushed when Rustal has their base surrounded and has all outside communications cut as the episode ends.

I didn’t think Tekkadan could get even more screwed than before, but I guessed I was wrong. Rustal is easily the most despicable villain in the show, in part because he’s been so successful while the rest have been pawns or incompetent, because he intentionally screwed the kids over as scapegoats to get his position back. Even their final hopes are being crushed under the weight of this man’s ambition!

Otherwise, it was a good episode.

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