Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufu wo! (God’s blessing upon this wonderful world!) Episode 9 Review


Is it me, or are we getting some subtle dating action between the girls here? 

Episode 9 of Season 2 of Konosuba has Kazuma, after reaching his breaking point last episode, going to the Axis Church to have a word with the guy running it. Instead, he meets a woman who manages to calm him down (with a bit of trolling) and then point out that Megumin was curled up in the corner while Darkness was being stoned by children. In any other series, this would truly be a dark thing, but here it’s played for laughs and this new woman seems to at least be somewhat… sane compared to the others seen so far.

Anyway, Kazuma ends up complaining to Aqua about how her followers are crazy while in a confessional booth and then starts to troll her by confessing he’d broken her cup, drank her booze, and planned on replacing her with a priest from Eris’ sect. That last one is what gets a response, by which I mean she nearly throttles him, and we see that she actually does consider the woes of her followers since they directly influence a goddess’ power. Aqua doesn’t have too many followers compared to Eris, but hers are really faithful (read: insane) so she puts in some effort in making them happy.

When they get back to the hotel, Megumin is still scarred by her experiences and Darkness wants more abuse, but Wiz feels better after taking a bath and Darkness lets it drop that it was a mixed bath to Kazuma’s delight. There he runs into another guy who, like him, is suffering from the insanity of the Axis cultist, before the girls climb into the bath next to his and then start praising him while they think he’s not listening. Naturally, it was all a trap and he gets punched for it. But since Kazuma doesn’t take that sitting down, he sends a bunch of cold water their way and ends up bathing with the cat.

Speaking of ruined baths, Aqua ends up returning to the hotel after she entered the hot springs at the church and purified it by accident, leading to her being kicked out. That’s right folks, her own followers kicked her out for doing that. Then again, none of her followers believe that she’s the actual goddess.

Anyway, Aqua tries to get the group to go help her on a quest to improve the quality of the springs since the Arch-Priest mentions they’ve been dropping… albeit, after nearly killing Wiz again by accident. This time she saw members from her old party waving for her to come over the river, but I digress. It naturally goes pear-shaped for Aqua when she gets blamed for turning all the hot springs into hot water, and she ends up being seen as a charlatan and getting stoned.

Kazuma rightfully asks why she tries to help them after all they put her through, which is a good question. But, tying into earlier, she feels obligated to help them because they are her followers. That’s still up for debate at the end of the episode, when her followers basically decide to go on a witch hunt with being the witch.

So this episode actually did a lot to further develop Aqua’s character, as the episode with Keele did. We see that she actually does care for her followers, going around purifying the hot springs because she’s afraid they’ll get sick in polluted water. Considering how carefree and lazy she normally is when it doesn’t come to her own desires and booze, this really does a lot to show that she is a benevolent Goddess… when it comes to the crazies that are her flock.

I also want to say that Megumin looked smashing in her outfit when she was with Kazuma the day after she was traumatized by Aqua’s followers. These last few episodes have really gotten the character designs down when it comes to casual clothing with the girls. Now if only they’d do Wiz…

Last, for some reason, the animation also looked a lot sharper than usual to me.  It’s a nice change if that’s the case, but for a moment I thought I was watching Grimgar.  It’s a good show mind you (review here) but given the parallels it raises some concerns….

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