Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans (Season 2) Episode 21 Review


Apparently Iok’s plot-armor is transferable.

Okay, Episode 46  (or Episode 21 of Season 2) of Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans has aired and the new episode picks up after Shino’s perfect shot gets ruined by Julieta and he gets gunned down. Yamagi senses what happened and Orga wants to send someone to go get his suit, so if there’s a chance he’s alive they can save him. However, Eugene refuses since they only have enough time to get away now and it would be wasted if they didn’t pull back the suits.

Meanwhile, Julieta goes on with a motive rant while Mikazuki is in no mood to hear it. So he stops screwing around and finally stabs her in the cockpit with the end of Barbatos’ mace, which should be a deathblow. Yet somehow, she managed to survive and stop Mikazuki from going to finish the job that Shino started. So he’s forced to leave as the bomb they set on the decoy ship goes off and scrambles it with the Nano-chaff.

As Tekkadan pulls back, McGillis and Gaelio go to battle with one another. The two have a brief talk in the midst of clashing blades about how Gaelio used forbidden power (AV System) when he was so against it, but Gaelio justifies it as thinking that once he beats McGillis then they’ll finally understand one another.

McGillis nearly gets killed because of the wound to his hand from Gaelio’s sister, and if this was the final episode I bet he would have, forcing his second-in-command to sacrifice himself. We then come to learn that this guy was basically Ein in that he was from the colony and no one was supporting him, while McGillis was essentially his Lieutenant Crank, so he was happy to die supporting him.

In the aftermath of that, Yamagi is grieving that Shino is dead and Zack points out that half their suits are destroyed and the rest are in tatters, so he suggests calling it quits. Hush and the big guy points out that unlike him they don’t have a home to go back to, or an education. So they’re screwed one way or another.

Then we see the injured and wounded left and right, with one of them losing an arm and thinking that he has no more use to them with an incomplete body. Akihiro tells him that the fact that he survived is enough since if he died he wouldn’t be able to talk to him anymore, meaning he’d lost a third brother in very short time. It’s a touching moment considering the circumstances.

The latter half of the episode after this is mostly talk.

Julieta has a talk with Gaelio, where she basically states that she would have made a deal with the devil before if it meant being strong, but now she’s resolved to just become stronger a human. Yamagi has a talk with Eugene where it’s revealed that Shino knew how he felt and fought to protect Tekkadan for that reason. Rustal has a talk with himself about how he’s got McGillis trapped, which is revealed post-credits. And Mikazuki has a talk with Orga revealing that he feels responsible since he didn’t go all in and make Orga’s words a reality as the episode ends.

In general, this episode was freaking depressing. Rustal is starting to feel infallible at this point. Not only did he scrape by getting killed via Julieta, who somehow survived having her cockpit ran through when others die doing heroic sacrifices, but he’s still ten steps ahead of everyone else. None of the people important to his side are dying, but Tekkadan and McGillis are losing their guys in spades.

This is so one-sided that it hurts, and the next episode’s title doesn’t exactly inspire hope of things getting better.

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