Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufu wo! (God’s blessing upon this wonderful world!) Episode 7 Review



Best Girls of the Series. No exceptions. 

Episode 7 of Season 2 of Konosuba opens like something out of the Twilight Zone as Megumin walks in on Kazuma and Aqua being rather kind to one another. Considering how they normally go together like water and oil, this naturally freaks her out and leaves me wondering if someone slapped them with a spell or something. However, Darkness takes the time to explain to her (and by extension we the viewers) exactly what happened.

Yesterday, as Kazuma was going on and on about badly he’s going to torment her to Darkness’ masochist delight, Vanir dropped by. Aqua and him get into some passive-agressive mocking, that leads to a small fight because he knows just which buttons to press, before Vanir gets down to business. See, they made a contract to where Kazuma would sell things produced in his world using Vanir and he offers them enough to where they’ll be filthy rich, meaning Aqua and Kazuma are being lazy as hell.

Kazuma does bring up a good point in that even with all the preparations and planning he did to take on the last quest he died because of Aqua’s stupidity. So he intends to just wait until they’re rolling in coin before hiring someone to go and pimp slap the Devil King before getting in the final shot, solving Aqua’s problem and not putting himself into danger. This surprisingly sets off Megumin. Not because of any logical moral reasoning, but because she believes that a force like the Devil King is meant to be beaten in an epic fashion and not through literally paying to win like some rich kid in a poorly-balanced MMO. Unfortunately, she’s alone in this thought since Darkness is once again getting aroused at the thought of Kazuma becoming a rich scumbag and has no qualms about admitting it.

However, she get a chance to correct this injustice by inviting him to a city of hot springs and, like any Japanese NEET in this sort of setting, that means she’s got him by the balls. So they all pack up and are ready to go by the first morning’s light, but Kazuma decides to pay a visit to Wiz before they leave. Vanir is there, trying to keep her from going further into debt, and recruits Kazuma to do him a favor by taking Wiz along while he cleans up her mess.

They also leave without telling Yunyun, which leaves her standing around outside their house without any clue, which is both funny and sad at the same time since she’s such a nice girl.

Anyway, there are only so many seats inside of the wagon so they play Rock-Paper-Scissors to decide who goes in the back. Naturally, since Kazuma has the highest luck in the series bar none, he never loses and Aqua has to ride in the back. So they depart with a brief montage of the various town residents looking on as the group leaves out on the caravan for their fist trip out of the town. It’s a rather placid and peaceful scene… which lasts as long as it takes for some monsters to come and ruin their day since Darkness is attracting them like a moths to flames because her armor is partially made of adamantine.

Since this is kind of their fault, they actually get off their lazy butts and join the other adventurers in trying to stop the attack. The adventurers, completely misunderstanding everything, assume that Darkness threw herself in front of the monsters and took one of their attacks to keep the attention off of them. Of course, Kazuma knows better and the episode basically ends on a cliff-hanger with him begging their forgiveness for how perverted she is.
This is classic Konosuba at its finest, derpy animation included. All of their character traits are played up perfectly, with Darkness being a hardcore masochist, Aqua being pathetic and a blockhead with a rager against Undead, Wiz being far too kind for this series, and Kazuma basically being their minder and smug when he gets the chance.

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