Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans (Season 2) Episode 19 Review


Official Couple confirmed.

Okay, Episode 44  (or Episode 19 of Season 2) of Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans has aired and the new episode picks up after Gaelio announced his intention to defeat McGillis, outing all the skeletons that McGillis has in his closet. This naturally horrifies Gaelio’s sister and leaves Tekkadan questioning what to do next. McGillis, however, apparently gives no fucks as he tells Mika how he managed to install an AV system into himself and claims that Agnika’s soul chose him to pilot Bael and become the leader of Gjallarhorn.

The Seven Stars point out that Rustal’s announcement is something they can’t ignore. But he’s basically gone insane in the fact that he thinks having the Gundam means he’s the default ruler of their organization. He then tells them to hand over their ground forces so that they can go to war with Rustal, who feels that the upcoming battle is necessary to bring Gjallarhorn into the future.

Rustal also takes the time to chide Iok over the fact that so many of his subordinates died because he’s an idiot, but explains they are loyal because his father was a great man. Maybe if they took the time to point out why everything he’s done was bad instead of pampering him, they wouldn’t keep dying like Red Shirts. He then also calls out how McGillis claims to want to reform the old ways but is relying on Agnika’s history and Bael to do so. As much as I hate the man, he has a point here.

Speaking of Macky, Almira takes a knife to McGillis and claims she’ll kill him. He manages to sweet talk her enough that she gets confused and decides to take her own life instead, but steps in to take the knife through his hand to stop her. He claims it’s because he made a promise to make her happy and, even if she hates him now, he’ll make her feel happy in the end.  She’s fairly sure he’s insane and she’s also insane, but that’s what love is basically… I think?

The Seven Stars members then put another wrench in his plans in that they don’t intend to defy Bael, but they won’t help Rustal either. Instead, they’ll let them kill one another off. That means that it’s up to Tekkadan and McGillis’ fleet will have to take on twice their numbers. So, they’re collectively fucked since they don’t have anywhere to go back to after parting ways with Teiwaz.

We then get a moment with the adults who stuck around. It was surprising to see that Dexter, the accountant, claiming that he stayed because he felt guilty he couldn’t help them when I recall Biscuit stating they needed him for a little while longer. Gaelio and Julieta also have a moment, where he assures her she’s doing fine and to stay human.

In the last part of the episode, Orga takes the time to reason out that McGillis always intended to attack Rustal and decks him one when he brushes off potential casualties since every member of their group is a family member to him. Tekkadan won’t betray him, but Orga clarifies that this will be the last battle one way or another. That fact scares Atra since she feels Mika will die, but Kudelia assures her that she will succeed and pushes herself out of the love triangle/one true threesome, to the despair of many shippers.

The episode then ends with Atra sharing her feelings with Mikazuki and him reciprocating.

You know, I mentioned in a forum last season that if Gaelio was alive then McGillis deserves to lose, because he knew too much and would ruin everything. Now look at what happened. He couldn’t take the time to make damn sure he was dead, so this mess happened. Plus, I’m sure he’s kind of nuts, so him losing is probably a good thing in the long run.

The only problem is that now Tekkadan is in a battle with guaranteed casualties because they didn’t get the facts ahead of time on how crazy the plan was. I have to root for McGillis because if I don’t Orga and the others are screwed. And let’s not go into the death flags that were raised in this episode alone—Gaelio’s talk with Julieta, Shino’s talk with Yamagi, and Mikazuki’s talk with Atra scream they’re all going to die.

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