Ao no Exorcist: Kyoto Fujouou-hen (Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Impure King Arc) Episode 7 Review



Cute, but I still ship Izumo and Rin. 

The seventh episode of Ao no Exorcist: Kyoto Fujouou-hen (Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Impure King Arc) picks up with Yukio finishing the letter for Rin. Yukio denies the request to use the sword, but Rin wants to help since Bon’s father helped him out and he still feels guilt over his own father’s death. However, when Shura presents the blade (after getting into a tug of war with Yukio and basically revealing the Vatican knew something was wrong the moment she locked him up), Rin can’t draw the blade out no matter how hard he tries. Shura reveals that he can’t draw it because he’s become scared of his flames, so he’s basically lost his confidence after flaring up again.

Then, to make matters worse, Mephisto pops in to tell Rin they’ve decided to execute him and locks him away in a demonic prison. He then tells them that the Impure King takes priority now and gives Shura some cryptic advice and invisibility cloaks before he vanishes, all but telling her to launch a rescue party for him. Yukio tries to throw himself into his work while the Ex-Wires learn with the rest of the Myoda about the Impure King when Mamushi returns and begs them to go help Bon’s father.

So, while the adults go and handle the Impure King, Shura assigns the kids to go bust Rin from his cell since the only way he’s getting out of a death sentence is if he kills the Impure King. Bon basically reads over the letter his father wrote and gets his crap together to go rescue him while Shima is the last to do so. They sneak in, only to be immediately frozen in time or something with the exception of Shiemi, because the demon states she’s weak and harmless—rubbing salt into her wounds.

However, this means that she’s the only one who can go in and get Rin, though it warns her she won’t be able to get out. Inside of the prison, Rin has nothing but time to reflect on whether or not he should just die then and there without accomplishing anything he hoped to do. He has a bit of a meltdown, by which I mean he epically flares up, until Shiemi throws herself into the flames to give him a cooldown hug and manages to not hurt her.

A minute later, he straight-up busts free of the prison and everyone becomes friends again. Bon even makes up what I consider a half-assed excuse about being mad Rin kept his origins a secret from him being the reason for his anger, and not the fact that he was Satan’s son. But considering how he was the one who yelled that very question when all this crap began, I find it a lot harder than them to swallow.

Either way, the episode ends with the kids and everyone else gearing up to go kick the Impure King’s ass.

So, the final stage is set. Shura basically summed up the win conditions when she stated that he has to be the one to kill the Impure King to save himself from getting executed thanks to her using that spell after he called her a Hag. Meaning it’s kind of her fault he’s screwed in the first place, but seeing as Rin is the main character, we expect him to face the greater threat and triumph.

The question is, can he do so without losing everything he’s gained so far?

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