Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufu wo! (God’s blessing upon this wonderful world!) Episode 6 Review



Aqua’s tantrums are always funny when she makes this face. 

Episode 6 of Season 2 of Konosuba begins with the girls trying to convince Kazuma to get out of the comfort of their home as spring is about to begin. They defeated Vanir, but when they went to tell Wiz they found that he was still alive. He promptly makes fun of Darkness while explaining that he has extra lives, before Wiz congratulates Kazuma for having his charges removed and explains they did Vanir a solid since with his “death” he doesn’t have to maintain the barrier around the Devil King’s castle.

Then he strikes a deal with Kazuma where he makes stuff from his world and sell it in this one. So because of that, Kazuma is currently hiding under a kotatsu and willing to fight to keep himself under it. Darkness and Megumin fall prey to his defenses, but then he needs to use the bathroom and it creates an opening for them to toss him outside. With him finally outside, they go and pick up his new equipment only for it to go as badly as you would expect in this series.

Once that part is over, Kazuma and the others go to take on a quest. They come up with a legit plan for victory, but naturally it lasts about as long as it takes for Aqua to screw it up. She basically draws them all in and belatedly tells him that killing the King Runner makes things worse unless you kill the Princess Runner. Then, because Kazuma used Drain Touch on Megumin, she can’t cast Explosion either.

Kazuma, being the only one in a position to do something at present, ends up getting an actually cool scene where he kills the Princess. But his victories always come at a price. That price being his life as she lands on the tree he’s in and he gets his neck broken when he hits the ground. So he’s dead and meets with Eris again for a bit and decides to have a chat before Aqua brings him back to life.

The discussion is awkward between them until Kazuma decides that Eris is his type of gal. She even tells him a secret that she goes wandering around on the planet in her free time before Aqua tells him it’s time to come back. He then threatens to let himself be reincarnated until the girls start messing with his body, so he heads back and the day ends with the implication that all three girls have gotten a good look at his… goods.

So we’re back to classic Konosuba. Aqua’s idiocy, combined with Kazuma reaping what he sow leads to him suffering for it. But because he has Aqua and Eris tentatively on his side, he basically doesn’t even see death as an obstacle at this point—just embarrassing. There was a touching bit where Kazuma asks what happened to the girls after he died, only to learn they were fine, showcasing that he does feel affection for him.

It’s an alright breather episode, minus the hint that they dropped if you know what you’re looking for. And let us not forget the epic derp face that Aqua made while throwing a tantrum, for it is hilarious.

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