Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans (Season 2) Episode 18 Review


Everyone has a Gundam now, huh?

Okay, Episode 43  (or Episode 18 of Season 2) of Iron-Blooded Orphans has aired and the new episode picks up a little before the revolution began, with Gaelio talking to Rustal about what happened with Iok and Gaelio taking his mobile suit to go settle things. It turns out that Gaelio had predicted that McGillis would stage his revolution and thus Rustal calls his entire fleet together to prepare for combat. On Earth, the Seven Stars members have been captured by McGillis’ forces and they’ve basically taken control with Mikazuki leveling their mobile suits while Orga is up in space. McGillis’s past is then explored in a flashback.

I got to say, I expected some abused in his past. But we see that he went so far as to shank someone for food and was then basically bullied until he started fighting back, by which I mean he cracked a chair over one guys head, and was then adopted. Then we get into some creepy stuff that I’m not comfortable talking about, but shows why he hates everything and found such admiration for the founder of Gjallarhorn.

In space, Rustal is still gathering his forces and denies Iok permission to join him because of all his screw ups. Even so, he compliments him for having such faithful subordinates despite everything and that his standing in the future depends on how well they do in the upcoming battle. Though I have to question why he knows perfect Japanese form and was doing calligraphy.

With Tekkadan, they find that they’re actually looked up to by some members of Gjallarhorn before they learn they have to fight over double their own forces. But they don’t have to fight them all if McGillis and Mikazuki can pull everything off. And the tool that McGillis seeks to use is a Gundam used by the original founder of Gjallarhorn, but before he can get into it Gaelio shows up and removes his mask—to no one’s surprise.

The two have a chat where McGillis claims Gaelio is too trusting and Gaelio admitting he never understood McGillis from beginning to end. He only admired him and wanted to stand by his side, which was probably why he thought that they had the same interests when they decided to change the system. He thought that McGillis was being honest with him when they were alone and got killed for it since McGillis only seems to understand things that translate to power.

Then he does the stupidest thing and tells McGillis to get into the Gundam, despite McGillis pointing out that he could stop him right then and there. Gaelio has basically decided he’s going to face him head-on, but Mikazuki crashes the party and gets permission to kill him. Gaelio admits he can’t defeat Mikazuki on his own, so he lets Ein possess his body using a pseudo AV system to magically give them the power to fight against Barbatos.

And to top that off, we learn that McGillis as an AV system installed into his back and uses it to awaken Bael. So, since he screwed up, Gaelio apologizes to Mika for hating on him for having an AV system—since he’d be a hypocrite now—and then runs off while McGillis proclaims through every channel that he has activated the mobile suit with the soul of Agnika Kaieru to use as a symbol of authority.

The episode ends as he proclaims his superiority only for Gaelio to announce he’s going to defeat McGillis.

So now everyone can become a Gundam in this series, huh? And we’ve still got like seven episodes to go, so clearly this isn’t going to be the end. I’ve got to say that I’m a little leery here on how fast this has gone for a revolution, but you know something is going to happen to escalate it.

And McGillis’ past is messed up, even by this show’s standards.

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