Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans (Season 2) Episode 17 Review


No turning back.

Okay, Episode 42  (or Episode 17 of Season 2) of Iron-Blooded Orphans has aired and the new episode starts with even the announcer sounding pissed after Jasley killed Lafter, which is understandable since Lafter was awesome. However, Kudelia, who has been unaware of the situation, is surprised to find that Tekkadan is cutting ties with her company, to which she is advised to look at her television for a broadcast from Earth. What’s happening on Earth is left a mystery as we cut to Tekkadan fighting against Jasley in space, getting right into the revenge-killing for the Turbines.

Mika and the others are showing no mercy as they lay waste to Jasley’s mercenary forces, with even Hush getting into the action for once since Earth. It doesn’t help that Iok hasn’t arrived and thus can’t help Jasley get rid of McMurdo. So what we largely have is a one-sided massacre, which is only made worse when Jasley starts using Human Debris with the AV system.

Not that it stops Tekkadan from fighting them, since they believe that everyone with a weapon is equal. Even Akihiro, who knows the pain of being a Human Debris better than most others, starts cutting loose. He’s decided it’s better than losing anyone else after his brother, Aston, and Lafter.

We also see that Julieta, having been stomped by Amida despite having a new machine, is having the typical ‘I’m too weak’ breakdown until she’s given some cryptic advice to basically become Eins 2.0. She has her doubts since such thoughts are Taboo, but the mechanic basically states to fight evil with evil and leaves her to stew on the thought before we cut to Jasley trying to beg McMurdo for help. The Old Man tells him that he saw through his plans with Iok and he made a deal with Rustal to basically clean up after the mess Jasley and Iok have made.

So, with no other option, Jasley tries to call a truce with Orga. However, he’s having none of it since Tekkadan had to give up everything in order to get revenge—their ties with Teiwaz, with Kudelia, and so on. So Orga has Mikazuki kill him quickly and to the point, but there’s no joy in it for any of them since they lost so much in the end because of Jasley that they can’t get back.

On Earth, McGillis and his group have begun their revolution to rid the rot within Gjallarhorn by exposing Rustal’s involvement with the conflict on Earth and Iok setting up the Turbines. Merribit intends to stand with Tekkadan and has resigned from Teiwaz to do so, leaving Kudelia to feel that she’s been isolated from them. The episode then ends with Orga and Mikazuki talking once more, with Orga wanting to arrive at a place with everyone and Mikazuki intending to carry him there.

So this episode basically signals the beginning of the final arc. The side-characters are shown to have integrated themselves into their new roles, such as Hush piloting a custom machine from the Turbines, and the main characters have begun towards their goals and can no longer turn back. I also like how Jasley basically went from smug to a whiny little bitch in a single episode, showing that all his bluster meant nothing.

It’s just a shame that his death won’t bring back everything that’s been lost to this point.

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