Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans (Season 2) Episode 16 Review


Why… I do you keep destroying everyone’s happiness, Sunrise…

Okay, Episode 41  (or Episode 16 of Season 2) of Iron-Blooded Orphans has aired and, in the aftermath of the last episode, Naze’s body, the Hammerhead, and Amida’s suit are all confiscated, leaving Orga to grieve over an empty coffin while Jasley tries to convince McMurdo not to have the funeral in his place since it would raise suspicion that they were connected. The old man tells him that he can do what he likes and points out that everything involved was suspicious, hinting he knows Jasley had something to do with it. Jasley decides that he’s going to just shove him into retirement using Iok, who sends him a letter thanking him for the tip-off.

At the funeral, Jasley acts like an asshole and pisses off everyone there, while Mika, Hush, and Atra babysit the kids. McMurdo keeps his promise to look after the girls as well, much to their relief, but they won’t be doing any mobile suit fighting anymore so Lafter is told that she can go work with Tekkadan and be with Akihiro, as that’s what Amida would want. As for that idiot Iok, Rustal explains how stupid it was that Iok took weapons from headquarters since it gave McGillis an excuse to launch an investigation.

Transitioning back to Tekkadan, they suspect Jasley was responsible but abstains from taking revenge on him since it would hurt the other Turbine girls, when Lafter ask Akihiro on a date. On it she explains a bit of her back-story to him and basically lays out the reasons that she’s fond of him, but decides to stay behind and nip the relationship in the bud. Then we have Orga reflecting on Naze’s words, while Mikazuki basically asks Atra if she wanted to have his child and melts her brain in the process.

Then everything goes wrong.

Jasley intentionally tried to provoke Tekkadan to spark a fight that would drag the McMurdo into it. Since that didn’t work at the funeral, they decide instead to shoot Lafter dead. So naturally they decide to kill him for it, despite knowing that they won’t be able to go back to Teiwaz afterwards, and call McGillis up for support while Jasley calls up Iok.  The episode ends with everyone getting ready for war and Mikazuki asking how far they should go, to which Orga tells him to crush them to pieces.

This episode pisses me off, despite being a good one, because I was starting to ship Lafter with Akihiro. But the moment she decided not to be with him, warning bells went off. Sure enough, Jasley has a hit ordered on her and kills her off.

So it wasn’t enough to just kill Amida, but they had to off Lafter as well just because of Jasley’s ambition. Not only does this tie Tekkadan to McGillis, which means that for them to have a happy ending we have to let this manipulative asshole win, but Jasley and Iok have ruined all the good things that have been built up to this point, driving them into another corner.

Is it too much to ask for a happy ending, Sunrise?

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