Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufu wo! (God’s blessing upon this wonderful world!) Episode 3 Review



Chances are you will never see her acting this sweet again. Savor it while you can. 

Episode 3 of Konosuba Season 3 picks up with Kazuma allowing Megumin to get her daily Explosion workout, before realizing that he’s wasting his time as they starve and decide to go to a dungeon. Megumin is useless there because her only spell will basically bury them all alive, so he’s relegated her to being a pack-mule while they search for treasure before the other adventurers take a crack at it.

Keele’s dungeon is the name of the place, created by the kingdom’s arch-wizard in the past. Kazuma’s skills allow him to navigate the place with ease since he can use skills from other classes. Aqua goes with him by claiming she’s useful since she can deal with the undead, while Megumin basically remains above experimenting with new speeches and playing with her cat.

They journey deep within the dungeon until they come across the corpse of an adventurer, which is when Aqua does her job and exorcises it. She does this more and more as the undead swarm them, which is when they stumble upon a self-proclaimed evil wizard named Keele. We then get a backstory, where he explains that he rescued his beloved and then turned into an undead lich to keep her safe, before he asks to be purified.

Aqua, in probably the most sincerest moment belonging to her in the series, send him off gently and even tells him to ask Eris to reunite with his beloved. Then, on the way back, Kazuma realizes that they ran into all the undead because of her and ditches her as more monsters come for them. Then they head back to get plastered at the guild while all those traitorous bastards that sold him out before egg him on to buy them a drink and they party until morning.

This episode was pretty fun. Not only did we see some dungeon crawling, but it’s probably one of the few that actually showcase the positives of Aqua’s character. Namely that she actually does take her job of sending the undead to the afterlife seriously. Her animosity with Wiz notwithstanding, she can be gentle when she feels like it and that earns her some points in my book.

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