Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans (Season 2) Episode 15 Review


May Iok burn for this…

Okay, Episode 40  (or Episode 15 of Season 2) of Iron-Blooded Orphans has aired and the episode begins with Teiwaz unable to do anything, even though it’s clear that they want to. At this point the Turbines have simply become a loose end and trying to will have the effect of dragging them all down. At best, McMurdo promises to take care of the girls under Naze’s protection after the Turbines disband, and Shino and Akihiro volunteer to go to at least help the civilians escape, while McGillis gathers his comrades to act elsewhere.

On the Hammerhead, Naze intends to act as a decoy and Amida stays with him while the others protect the civilian ships as Iok’s faction arrives. Naze and Amida have a touching moment where she figures out he intends to take full responsibility and surrender to save everyone else. Unfortunately, Iok proves to be a corrupt bastard and ignores it to use the very illegal weapons they claimed he was transporting to attack the transport ships.

That leaves Amida to fight against Julieta in her new mobile suit as Iok’s forces start murdering the Turbines until Shino, Akihiro, and Ride arrive. Amida meanwhile hands Julieta her ass until the Hammerhead comes under fire and she goes to take out Iok. This asshole then proceeds to fire the illegal weapon at her, despite being warned Julieta was in the way, and Amida gets shot.

In the end, Naze manages to ram the ship into Iok’s before he dies and the episode closes with everyone crying over their death.

You know, I had issues with Carta, especially after she killed Biscuit. But this bastard goes so far as to not only use illegal weapons and fire at his own comrades, but has his own men commit what constitutes war crimes just for the sake of his glory. Carta at least took responsibility for the men under her care and tried to die with her own ideals intact, whereas Iok has repeatedly been a dumbass that’s as bad as their corrupt organization.

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