Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufu wo! (God’s blessing upon this wonderful world!) Episode 2 Review



The animation budget was clearly well-spent. 

Episode 2 of Konosuba Season 2 picks up a bit after they had all of their stuff repossessed, only for Megumin to bring a cat home and name it Chomusuke while the other two fear Darkness has been made the Feudal Lord’s love slave. Of course, then the prosecutor, Sena, who tried to throw him under the bus before (granted, she was doing her job) comes in and calls him up to take a quest to kill more giant frogs because Megumin’s Explosion spells woke them out of hibernation.

Once more Kazuma is made to do all the work in a repeat of the first season, only this time Sena joins in the fun in being eaten and they are fortunately saved by Yunyun, a friend/rival of Megumin  who was introduced in the OVA of the first season but apparently we don’t count that anymore. Megumin trolls her a bit, and I can’t lie when I say it feels like bullying, before we cut to darkness being forced into a dress.

When they get home, Kazuma once more shows he believes in gender equality by refusing to let her take a bath first, and they end up going in together. Now, normally fanservice bothers me, but if there’s one thing this show does right its comedy. Especially when they realized how screwed up it’ll look if Aqua walks in on them and he goes for the extreme of freezing the door to keep her out, only for him to run out of magic and fall down in a reversal of her usual moment of weakness.

And then there’s the next section, where Yunyun’s backstory is given some depth while Chomusuke is playing with Wiz’s chest in the background. It’s made abundantly clear she’s the sweet-gofer girl type, so much so that Kazuma can’t find it in himself to keep listening. But then Wiz has them hold a contest using what should be a friendship crystal but instead projects embarrassing moments through their life that show Yunyun is incredibly lonely and Megumin has worked her tail off to provide for her little sister to eat.

Needless to say, Megumin smashes the crystal and the debt gets tacked onto Kazuma. But then Megumin throws him under the bus again by lying and stating she’s in a relationship with Kazuma to avoid appearing childish at the expense of his reputation. So, you know, Yunyun runs out crying and Megumin gloats as the episode ends.

On the subject of the last few minutes of the episode, we learned more about Yunyun and Megumin than I expected. If this hadn’t been a comedy series, it’d be pretty depressing. But, while it still is to an extent, we can assume that things between them are getting better and the comedy eases the unpleasantness of the heavy topics like where Megumin’s parents are and why she and her sister had to forage for food.

Now, I’ve heard some complaints about the quality of the anime from different sources, and I can’t deny that it is noticeable at some points like in the ED and OP.  Mind you, not at the points where there was fanservice to be shown or when it came to the toad slime covering all the female bodies, which pretty much tells you all you need to know about the animation studio’s budget. But this is probably one of the few series where they can get away with it because it adds to the comedy, so I’m not too bothered by it.

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