Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans (Season 2) Episode 14 Review


The happiest couple in the series. I swear if they die I’ll have Iok’s head on a silver platter.

Okay, Episode 38  (or Episode 14 of Season 2) of Iron-Blooded Orphans has aired and the episode begins with the girls from the Turbines preparing to leave, with the exception of Lafter who is having a final moment with Akihiro. It only ends with a handshake, but it carries meaning in that Akihiro goes out of his way to clean his hand before doing so.  We then cut to Iok being a dunce and manipulated by Jasley to go after the Turbines, which will only cause more problems since he intends to use weapons that have been banned by a treaty, but then things get worse when Julieta shows up and decides to tag along with him to test her new machine.

Rustal seems to know what he’s planning but doesn’t stop him, only stating that if Vidar took his mask off then he wouldn’t need to keep trying, while McGillis sees this mess as a chance to move things along and calls up everyone he’s allied with so they can begin making a move. Back with Tekkadan, we see how that discussion about having Mikazuki’s child went with Atra and Kudelia, namely that Atra feels that she needs something to tie Mikazuki down but she isn’t good enough compared to Kudelia, who states otherwise, and it somehow results in her believing it to be a contest to see which can get have his child first.

We then go to the Turbines, finally learning more about Naze and Amida, who seem to approve of Lafter going after someone from Tekkadan. The two were just a trafficker and mercenary pair who got intimate and eventually started the Turbines, providing women who would otherwise take on dangerous jobs safety and joining with Teiwaz to have a strong supporter. Of course, right when we learn this they come under fire from Gjallarhorn and Naze is framed for having a banned weapon on one of their freighters.

Jasley thinks things are going smoothly and that he’ll be fine even if the Old Man learns about it, as long as Naze is dead. Naze, on the other hand is pretty chill and tells Tekkadan to stay out of the way because he doesn’t want them to get wrapped up in it. He then gives Orga some advice that leaves me fearing they’ll be killed off as the episode ends.

So this episode waves the death flags again by giving us the backstory of the Turbines formation, and Iok’s stupidity threatening more characters that we like. I’m hoping they’re just faking us out like they did with Ride against the Mobile Armor, but then I remember what happened to Biscuit and fear worms its way into my heart. One thing is for certain though, Iok and Jasley both better get what they have coming to them.

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