Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans (Season 2) Episode 13 Review


A Beautiful Yet Destructive Bond. Best Bromance of 2016.

Okay, Episode 37  (or Episode 12 of Season 2) of Iron-Blooded Orphans has aired and the episode has Mika and Barbatos going full-power on the Mobile Armor… and then we cut to the aftermath and find that its basically being retold by Orga to the boss of Teiwaz. Mika tells everyone else to get out of the way while he and it have what must arguably be the best battle of the season. Blood is spilled as Mika pushes Barbatos to the extreme and the Mobile Armor fights just as hard, both sides dismantling their opposition’s ability to fight until Mika steals a weapon and then they go in for a mutual kill.

The Teiwaz boss then tells Orga that things now are different than before and while he does approve of their alliance with McGillis, if they betray Teiwaz there will be consequences. Likewise, Jasley now has an alliance of his own and expects it’ll lead to conflict with Naze soon enough.

On Earth, McGillis throws Iok under the bus for the Mobile Armor incident (which it really is) and Rustal also lectures him for being an idiot. Julieta has been roused from the incident as well, observing Mikazuki and his battle. Desiring to further Rustals ambitions, she thus volunteers to become a test pilot for a new machine and he consents.

As for Mikazuki, he lost the use of his legs and his right-side in exchange for Barbatos going all out. Naze calls him out on being in too much of a hurry, but at this point Orga can’t back out even if he wants to. And while Mikazuki finds this not to be too much of a problem, Kudelia and Atra are worried that the next time he goes out he might never come back. Of course, then Atra breaks the tension by asking Kudelia to have Mikazuki’s baby and the sad thing is I think she’s being serious here.

We also learn that Gali-Gali’s cover story was that his remains were recovered and then buried while the his Gundam was returned to his family, McGillis’ man crush on Mikazuki is even stronger, Iok is throwing in his lot with Jasley, and Shino is officially handing over his old machine to Ride. In the closing of the episode, we see that Orga has realized that his goal may very well cost him the person closest to him, but Mikazuki assures him that if anything it has made things simpler for him since it means that he doesn’t have to do anything but fight when he needs to.

Overall, the episode does many things for me. It shows that price of Orga’s ambitions in a tangible manner. Mikazuki has lost the ability to pursue his own dreams in exchange for existing only to serve as a weapon. And in the world that Kudelia seeks to create, it’ll end up making him obsolete with nothing to fall back on. The fact that it doesn’t bother him really serves to show he has nothing else to live for.

This weighs on both the audience and the cast, which makes Atra’s request less hilarious and more sad when you realize that the only reason she’s likely asking is because of her body being so underdeveloped means that she isn’t liable to be able to carry his child. The fact that she’s working on the thought of babies making everything better is also somewhat naive, but there’s literally nothing else they can think to do for him at the moment and she’s desperate enough to ask Kudelia to go through with it.

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