Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans (Season 2) Episode 10 Review


Iok, you idiot.

Okay, Episode 35  (or Episode 10 of Season 2) of Iron-Blooded Orphans has aired and the episode opens  with a bunch of Teiwaz guys meeting up and discussing how they don’t like Tekkadan acting up on their own with Naze and Jasley has been looking for valuable information to negotiate with the Seven Stars regarding the matter. We then cut to the mechanics to find that Shino has painted his new gundam pink and that they have no idea what the new equipment is, so Eco suggest that they simply ask Gjallarhorn since they have a database.

McGillis contacts Orga and tells him to have them stop excavation where they found the Pluma (that’s the name of it), citing that it was a part of a Mobile Armor and is considered forbidden since it caused the Calamity War and killed hundreds of millions and ruined civilizations. Naturally, that’s the sort of thing you can’t have running around. Unfortunately, Jasley gets word and sells the information to Iok, who spilled the beans to Rustal.

Vidar believes that McGillis intends to destroy it to gain the Order of Seven Stars title and change the ranks of the Seven Stars to be on top.  We then cut to McGillis, who actually doesn’t intend to do so, but believes that Tekkadan and Mars are just the ones to make the winds of fate change. Then we cut to the mechanics from earlier, who turn on the Pluma to see what it does before they receive warning from Orga not to.

Back with Tekkadan as a whole, the newbies get a pay raise because they’ve been there for 6 months while Hush continues to invade Mikazuki’s privacy like an eager puppy as they visit Kudelia, who has been busy herself. She’s managing several projects, from the farm to the mining plant and even a school that has free tuition and lunch so less children need to become soldiers to eat.  She also manages the money of most of the senior members since they don’t actually know how to use their money, which is saddening since it shows they know so little.

McGillis then lands on earth as Iok’s faction deploys several mobile suits, right when he explains that the presence of a mobile suit may awaken the Mobile Armor, since the two are archenemies by design. Worse, Mobile Armors don’t need pilots to work, meaning that its the worst kind of weapon of war (which is proven when we cut back to the mechanics and it shows that the Pluma did go wild when they turned it on). So naturally, the glory-seeking idiot activates it and triggers the start of a new battle.

The episode as a whole  continued to show how the various politicking factions lead to a domino effect that screws over everyone. Again. Because Jasley wanted to try and screw over Tekkadan, Iok and Rustal ended up awakening a weapon of war that threatens to undermine everything Kudelia is doing  with the mines to improve the lives of the people of Mars.

Here’s hoping the next episode puts an end to Iok for his stupidity, and Jasley afterwards.

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