Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans (Season 2) Episode 9 Review


I really hope this isn’t the last time they’re on speaking terms.
I like them all too much to see them die now. 

Okay, Episode 34  (or Episode 9 of Season 2) of Iron-Blooded Orphans has aired and the episode opens  with Hush starting to follow Mikazuki around like a puppy, hoping to earn his approval before skipping over to Rustal, Vidar, and Julieta. Vidar is unusually talkative, since he finally has his new mobile suit. Likewise, back with Tekkadan, they discuss what they’ll be doing with their new Shiden mobile suits and the new gundam they’ve got. Since that fiasco on earth, Chad has decided to hop back into one and has been training Hush while the girls from the Turbines look on and mention once they’ve mastered them they can return home, though Lafter is obviously not as enthusiastic as she should be.

On the adult side of things, Merribit is worried about how mobile suits named after demons are converging at Tekkadan and it gives her a bad feeling, but Nadi tells her not to worry. We also learn that Gundam Frames don’t degrade over the course of several hundred years and their reactors are even more haxxed, so it makes sense just how these suits earned their place in legends. So in addition to Barbatos and Guison, they now have Flauros as a third gundam frame.

The show then transitions over to a Teiwaz meeting, with Naze telling them of the deal that McGillis has offered Tekkadan. They all point out that this is risky, with Jasley pointing out that they did so without the boss’ permission. However, the boss points out that if this works they’ll be even richer. To ease their minds, Naze states that if it causes them problems, Orga has agreed they can cut Tekkadan off and Naze offers to commit suicide because he brought them into the fold. After the meeting, Orga and Naze have a little talk and the latter warns Orga to be prepared to defend himself because the higher-ups aren’t all on the same page and Naze is ultimately on Teiwaz’s side, so if it comes down to a fight then it has to be done.

In the second half of the show, we learn that Kudelia has taken control over the farm from back from Tekkadan for one reason or another, but has to rely on Nobliss (the guy who tried to get her killed for profit) to help finance her company. Merribit has been dating Nadi for some time now, a surprise only to Chad and the audience, and Orga is moving things along with McGillis as reformations have started within Gjallarhorn. Rustal’s faction gets into a fight with some unnamed group, which primarily goes to show that Iok is kind of useless in battle and Vidar is fighting for revenge and has thrown away his name for the sake of it.

The episode then closes with a little more backstory on McGillis and him being a little creepy with Almiria that doesn’t help the chocolate man references from before.

So this episode was mostly a transitional and slow episode, preparing for the new arc that takes place after the previous one. Tekkadan is preparing to throw its weight in with McGillis, which may strain their relationship with Teiwaz and hint at great personal sacrifice on Naze’s side, while Kudelia is taking risks to further her company as well—as if inspired by Orga.

Within Teiwaz, we see that Jasley views Naze as someone who uses women and children to rise through the ranks, while the women were all victims who were used in risky trafficking operations for hardly anything and then thrown away. So they have a fundamental difference of opinion that separates them, though it looks like he might have a thing for Naze’s main woman.

As for Gjallarhorn and McGillis, we see that their planning to undermine one another and are getting a decent look at one another’s fighters and beliefs. It’s trying to set up the different clashes of skill and beliefs before things reach a tipping point. Not to mention the death flags. So many death flags…

Anyway, it serves to make me more excited for the next arc to come. Here’s hoping it’s a good one.

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