Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans (Season 2) Episode 8 Review


Enjoy your happy ending, Takaki. 

Okay, Episode 33  (or Episode 8 of Season 2) of Iron-Blooded Orphans has aired and the episode opens a month later, with McGillis being praised for his intervention cutting the war short, despite Kujan trying to throw him under a bus for his boss’ plan. Naturally, since Galan never had records, they can’t implicate him behind it, so Rustal comes out looking smug while McGillis has a look that basically states he knows that he’s responsible. Rustal and McGillis have apparently known each other since he was a child (and let me say that McGillis was one creepy child) and he’s apparently figured out that McGillis orchestrated the fall of the Fareed family.

Back on Earth, the two who were in comas have woken up thankful. Makanai is still in the hospital, while Chad has gone back to work. The brush with death has left Makanai realizing how short his remaining time on Earth is and he asks if Kudelia wants to stay on Earth to basically take his place.

We then cut back to Tekkadan and Chad, who blames himself for the deaths of those killed in action, understanding this is how Orga felt and finding it difficult to live with the guilt. Akihiro and Lafter later have a moment where he explains that he let the Brewer kids who didn’t have last names take his own since they took care of his brother, and how he regrets not talking to him more. As for Takaki, he realizes how much he screwed up since Radice had too much control over the company’s records and accounts, meaning he was basically running everything. He has a guilty moment, but Mikazuki gives him some words of advice that reminds him of how amazing he is, and Kudelia helps give him more advice as well.

Julieta is likewise feeling guilty because of Galan’s death, since he was the one who taught her to fight and introduced her to Rustal. It was because of this she must remain strong. Gaelio (because we all know its him) gives her some advice about how he knew a guy who was the same (Ein) and how he remains close to him even to this day.

McGillis then comes to visit the Tekkadan group since Orga is there and they talk about the mess that just happened and how he wants their support to take down Rustal. Orga finally asks why he puts his trust in them so much, and he reveals it was because of how he saw the image of Agnika Kaieru (the founder of Gjallarhorn) in the way they fought with such vigor. He believes that with their help he’ll be able to stand at the top of Gjallarhorn and transfer all the powers of the Mars Branch  to Tekkadan, which basically makes them the sovereign of Mars.

You can’t say the man doesn’t aim big, and after a heartwarming/tearjerking moment with Takaki and Fuka still grieving over  Aston’s death and Hush trying to buff up to not hold back Mikazuki in battle, Orga brings it up with his inner circle. He wants to take the offer, but Merribit points out it could be a problem with Teiwaz, so he wants to talk it over with Naze first. The rest are largely for it, but Takaki doesn’t want to make his sister cry and throw away the happiness he has right now for a possibly better future, so he quits Tekkadan with Orga’s blessing and the others telling him to treasure his life with his sister.

In the final moments, we learn that Kudelia turned down Makanai’s offer since she wants to gain more knowledge before anything. He’s not all that upset since she’s come a long way, but notes that she has a difficult decision ahead of her. We also see that Lafter clearly has fallen in love with Akihiro, to the point her friend could tell, but promises to not tell Naze.

Mikazuki and Orga close out the episode with another one of their bro-talks.

So, this episode basically deals with the fallout of the war and how Radice being unchecked basically made him their leader in all but name on Earth. It’s a sobering moment, and the blame falls hard on Chad and Takaki. While the others don’t blame them, they really can’t escape the guilt of it, which probably played a part in why Takaki decided to jump ship.

As sad as it is to lose him, this is arguably a good ending for him. He has less of a chance to die and can live a happy life with his sister, rather than go out like Biscuit did. That’s probably why Mikazuki felt relieved when talking to Orga about it.

On the Gjallarhorn  side of things, we get more on Rustal and McGillis. Despite Julieta’s praising of Galan and Rustal, I can’t forgive the fact that they left a bunch of dead bodies and started a war to smear McGillis’ name. That being said, while McGillis claims to want to elevate Tekkadan to being the Kings of Mars, I still haven’t forgotten how he betrayed Gaelio and basically used Ein. I wouldn’t trust him, but he is the lesser of evils in this case.

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