Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans (Season 2) Episode 7 Review


Goddamn it. 

Okay, Episode 32  (or Episode 7 of Season 2) of Iron-Blooded Orphans has aired and the episode opens with McGillis completely wrecking the enemy forces with his Commander-Type Graze Retter. Despite seeing this, Takaki forces himself to believe that everything will be settled if they take him out. He’s obviously nervous, but Aston reassures him that they can do it and return home together if they do the same as always, with him in front and Takaki in the rear. So they charge in and get into a battle, with the commander telling the kids to focus on McGillis, who immediately asks them if these are Orga’s orders.

I like that McGillis is actually calling Takaki out on following orders he doesn’t actually agree to, but this only serves to drive him into attack McGillis recklessly and naturally McGillis proceeds to nearly get a kill shot in. Aston is forced to intervene, taking the blow that wounds him in order to pin McGillis down, and Galan gets ready to take them both out when Mikazuki pops in to stop him since, Orga said not to let McGillis died. The douchebag then proceeds to pull out, but before Mikazuki could kill him all those death flags that Aston had been flying leads to his death in front of Takaki.

Back at the base, Eugene approaches the sellout who manipulated them from there. It turns out they took a detour through SAU airspace and naturally they are pissed off. He tries to play it off saying that he was just following orders from Galan when Lafter tells them all the members they lost, including Aston. Once Radice rats out where Galan is, Akihiro makes it perfectly clear that after he kills the man, the bastard is next.

Galan turns out to be loyal to Rustal and intends to continue his plans as a mercenary when Tekkadan attacks at night. Akihiro then proceeds to go to town on him, while the opposite happens as Hush nearly gets killed while screaming he’s scared until Mikazuki pulls his ass out of the fire and then tells him to stay out of the battle. Akihiro is running on pure rage and fury rather than strategy, to which Galan complements him as a decent human being, but warns that the good die first. Akihiro counters with his giant scissors and starts to cuts the bastard in half, so he hits the self-destruct button with the intention of taking them both out. Akihiro’s gundam tanks the explosion like its nothing and brings the battle to a close.

The next day, they’re deciding what to do with Radice. They have evidence he betrayed Tekkadan and let their people die in vain. Mikazuki just wants to get to the point and pulls out a gun to cap him, rather than waste time. However, Takaki wants to talk to him and states it’s an Earth branch problem and since he’s in charge, he wants to make the final call. So Mikazuki passes off the gun and the ones from Mars gives him time to talk, discussing whether or not Takaki would be willing to kill him, but trusts him to make whatever call he sees is best.

Radice thinks he’s gotten off lucky since he’s been playing Takaki like a fiddle the entire time. He even makes an excuse that it was to protect him and the Earth branch. Takaki ultimately triple taps him with the gun, so he’s dead. Hush, meanwhile, has acknowledged that he isn’t as good as he thinks he is, and McGillis thanks Mikazuki for the assist. The episode ends with Julieta mourning Rustal’s death and Takaki’s sister learning of Aston’s death.

So, we knew that either Takaki or Aston were going to die, but it still hurt to watch. I can’t imagine the amount of guilt Takaki feels about it since his rushing in necessitated what happened. Even McGillis seemed like he would have preferred that it didn’t go that way. And its all because of some old men playing politics that these kids were on the front line in the first place. Takaki has changed because of this, but whether its for the better or not still remains to be seen.

As for Galan, I’m surprised he was so loyal to Rustal. He apparently threw away his family and actual name to serve the man in the shadows. I mean, he’s still a douchebag, but I can admire loyalty. It felt good that Akihiro was the one who delivered the final blow, but it won’t bring back Aston or the other kids.

As for Hush…I knew this was going to happen because. Like I said, he was not ready and was served humble pie because of it. The fact that he didn’t get someone else killed only serves to make it a lesson that he can learn and hopefully improve from, rather than earn my unyielding hatred. This is your second chance in my eyes, Hush. Don’t screw it up.

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