Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans (Season 2) Episode 6 Review


This reminds me of the last time Biscuit got into the action in something he wasn’t used to. That’s bad.

Okay, Episode 31 (or Episode 6 of Season 2) of Iron-Blooded Orphans has aired and we see the war started two weeks ago after an accident, when a plane that flew too close ending up crashing due to Ahab Reactors screwing up technology that isn’t shielded against it. Needless to say, by the time McGillis arrives to intervene, they really can’t try diplomatic method to end things because unknown forces are jamming their communications and they peg that something is off about the war because someone is orchestrating it and manipulating the Tekkadan kids like puppets to create a stalemate.

Worse, Tekkadan has lost at least twelve members in all the fighting. They can peg that something is off about the fighting as well, but none of them can understand why it’s dragging out and it frustrates them. Takaki only realizes that he screwed up when they call Galan Tekkadan’s captain because he’s been commanding all their maneuvers, but Galan feeding his ego and his own reluctance to think things through stops him from standing up for himself. We then learn that the Seven Stars commander is the one behind it because he wants solely to damage McGillis’ reputation—and he’s using the lives of the soldiers to do it.

Tekkadan’s ship heading to Earth also feels awkward about it, with good reason given everything that’s happened. Akihiro’s concern for the Tekkadan kids left behind is displayed and somehow Hush has managed to get them to agree to let him get in a mobile suit. Then we learn that they can’t legally land a shuttle because Radice and Galan are assholes, so they decide to do it old school and make their own way into things.

In the final part, since things have gone on for over a month, McGillis decides to launch himself. Galan decides they’re going to go kill him to settle things, rather than drag things out for years like he had planned. Thus, next episode looks to be the climax of this arc.

Personally, this is another depressing episode because I saw death flags being raised here left and right. The fact that we see another war being fought because old men want to damage the reputation others also only further serves to disillusion me, because they’re not the ones in the trenches dying over the course of the fights. This is why I’ve never been fond of politics. We also learn that Earth’s regeneration technology isn’t up to par with Mars, which makes sense when you consider their stance on things like cyber-implants, but at least Chad is alive.

So, it was a good, if depressing episode that leaves me hoping Mikazuki puts a bullet into Galan and Radice. And as for Hush, I’m not fond of him. But as long as he doesn’t screw up his first time in a mobile suit I don’t believe he’s earned the right to pilot, I’ll consider him less of a waste of a character. I’m not exactly un-biased given how he’s been in the first few episodes, but I have a new hate-sink in the old men pulling this crap off, so he gets a pass if he makes himself useful.

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