Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans (Season 2) Episode 4 Review


Well, he did try to have Kudelia killed. He had it coming.

This episode wraps up the first arc, whereupon the fight for the leader of the Dawn Horizon Corps is less of a fight and more of a race to determine who can claim the guy first. I was expecting Sandoval to be a threat, but really against Mikazuki that was wishing for too much. He gets caught within seven minutes and Tekkadan has come out on top.

With Tekkadan, we learn that since Orga’s gamble paid off in spades the boss of Teiwaz decides to let them manage the half-metal mine based on the fact that no one will threaten it due to their growing reputation. Obviously not everyone is happy about this within the organization, and Naze points out that since Orga isn’t good at politics he’ll likely make enemies every step he takes. However, Orga is taking to the mafia lifestyle rather well as he and Mikazuki pay a little visit to the guy who sent the Dawn Horizon Corps after Kudelia in the first place and straight-up murders him for the loss of life and damages incurred during the battle.

With Kudelia and Atra, they discuss how things have been over the last year. Kudelia hasn’t been home or to her mother and father since they essentially set her up to die, though she claims that its because she’s too busy. Atra reveals that Mikazuki has basically been studying up on agriculture but neglecting some of his other skills, and is grateful to Kudelia since her teaching them allowed them to become more skillful. It’s an all-in-all heartwarming moment that only serves to further the advances of that OT3 pairing that the fandom universally seeks.

As the episode wraps up, Tekkadan finds a new Gundam Frame in their new mines along with something else and Orga essentially enters into an alliance with McGillis, despite the fact that they know he’s screwed over his last few for the sake of both using each other.

Overall, things look good for Tekkadan so far. They’ve got the Mars branch of Gjallarhorn working with them, manage the mines that Kudelia has opened up, and they’ve got a winning streak a mile wide. This episode alone establishes that they have become a major power in the Mars space and I can’t say they haven’t earned that position after all they’ve went through.

Character-wise, we see that Orga has no problem with going straight-up mafia on people who piss him off with Mikazuki as his right-hand man, but he was like that the last season sans the spiffy suit. Kudelia still has her guilt-complex, but she’s at least making strides towards that future she desires where the cycle of violence and child soldiers is no longer there. As for Hush, my impression of him is… well, low.

He clearly envies Mikazuki, yet he’s not above asking for his help in getting the chance to hop into a mobile suit rather than using his own power and building his talent in time like the rest of them. The only credit I’ll give him is that he’s at least upfront about it, but I swear if they put him in that Gundam I will be pissed. There are more deserving veterans that should be riding in it.


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