Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans (Season 2) Episode 3 Review


The battlefield amongst the stars is once again revisited.

The episode starts with Kudelia and the twins on the farm, where we see that she is being given shelter there while Orga and the others are currently in space and meeting up with a ship from McGillis, who reveals that now is the chance for them to capture the Dawn Horizon Corps despite the fact that it would put most of Tekkadan’s men at risk should the operation go sideways. Orga, being the type who will take risks for the sake of making them bigger, agrees on the condition that they would follow his orders, meaning only his group could take credit.

Unfortunately, the Dawn Horizon Corps are smart enough to disguise the majority of their ships and so they have to deal with ten ships instead of three, putting them at a disadvantage. They send Mikazuki out ahead of time as they gather their forces, and he proceeds to wreck their lines before Orga’s group shows him just who they were screwing with until that glory-seeking Seven Stars member, Iok, decides to show up and make crap complicated.

So this episode takes us back to the epic mobile suit battles that has become synonymous with Gundam. However, we see that more Human Debris are being thrown to the slaughter as a direct result of Tekkadan’s victories from before. And there’s some politics involved as well as we see that McGillis and the other member of the Seven Stars are competing to see who can claim the pirates as a prize first.

Character-wise, Merribit has taken on Biscuit’s role of acting as Orga’s voice of reason, suggesting the safe route and that he takes care of himself, to contrast Mikazuki’s role of acting as his primary means of enforcing his will. Mikazuki himself is shown to be more than a mass-murdering machine by taking steps towards determining what sort of crops can be grown on Mars so the farm can flourish. And, unlike the guy who led the Brewers from the last season, Sandoval has no problem getting into a mobile suit. Oh yeah, and pretty sure the masked guy is Gaelio.

I can safely say that I enjoyed this episode and I’m looking forward to what happens next.

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